Typography Assignments

  1. Daily Exercise: Kern 4 letters at a time, completing the alphabet for each classic and key typeface, share your work on social media.
  2. Make a blog post explaining each typographic term, don’t forget paragraphs.
  3. Create a list of all the classic and key typefaces.
  4. Create a website timeline of the history of classic and key typefaces.
  5. Create a poster for each classical and key typeface with each poster exploring 3 font styles (thin, regular, bold, italic).
  6. For each of the classic and key typefaces create a post outlining it’s characteristics and what it is best used for.
  7. Draw/trace the alphabet of each classic and key typeface digitally in Illustrator. then make copies in pen and ink using a grid. Use Scott Robertson’s letter technique for inking.
  8. Complete the Typography 01 course from The Futur.
  9. Design and print a poster of point sizes and pixels in comparison.
  10. Final Project: Create a book for print with all the typographic terms and typefaces that can be reviewed and shared with other designers.