Getting Started With A Personal Blog

By June 13, 2018 No Comments

Sometimes…no, at all times. When you do the things that are difficult or scary, it leads to greatness.

So here I am starting a blog, a written blog to be exact. For me, writing is an area that I feel very little confidence in to a degree that really affects me emotionally. So why write? As I shared in my podcast today, confidence is a feeling that has no finish line. Hence this blog regardless of how I feel about my writing.

The plan here is to share my thoughts and opinions on a few specific topics. Those being branding & marketing, art & design, and personal development; all of which I am currently pursuing and practicing in my daily life. I believe that by sharing what I learn in these areas, my blog and I can be helpful resource to you and the rest of the internet.

So here it is my first blog post, if you enjoyed the read say “Hi”. I’d love to know what topics you would be more interested in me writing about first.

Oh, if you are interest in my podcast you can find me on Anchor and soon to be on iTunes with a fancy new name, Words With Cyrus.

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